Teenage Pinup of the week: miss Austin

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Today we have our first teenage pinup of the week: Miss Austin.
Her proud mother Stephenie submitted both of her teenage daughters. Austin Marie is 13 years old and has a sister Sage Madison.
Both girls have been taking pictures with car’s their whole life. Rebuilding vehicles and hot-rods are their father’s, Aaron, passion.


Austin 6 months old


Pinup of the week: Bettie D’Vine

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Hiya I’m Bettie, I’m a multi Internationally published model from a seaside town in the North East of England. I specialise in Pin up, Alternative and Lingerie. I love how dressing in 1950’s fashion makes me feel confident and sexy and the clothing accentuates my curves perfectly.

I have always been a lover of anything alternative but I got the retro vibe when I did my first ever burlesque shoot. Since then I have been in two independent movies, a music video, I became a Semi Finalist in the Miss Pin Up UK 2016 were I performed at London Tattoo Convention. I am currently signed to Diamonds and Feathers, a modelling agency that specialises in Pin Up and burlesque.

I am now selling my own merchandise after I have had a brand designed by Vince Ray of the Boneshakers.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Ruby Red

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A down to earth gal with a love for all things vintage. Along with living a vintage lifestyle Miss Ruby also loves dancing the bop, jive,& stroll to a killer rock n roll band .
For fun she enjoys playing upright bass,going to car shows,& an avocation for endometriosis awareness. But also don’t be mistaken for this gal being a pushover she also is very well known from being at her favorite shows, yes that’s right folks this lil kitten loves to wreck to psychobilly as well.

Facebook: Facebook Miss Ruby Red
Instagram: @MissRubyRed_PinUp

Photographer: Rick Tores Photography MUAH: Miss Ruby Red Model: Miss Ruby Red

Photographer: Rick Tores Photography
MUAH: Miss Ruby Red
Model: Miss Ruby Red

SaraLee’s debut album Queen of Your Heart

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saralee-band-pic-qummaartSaraLee’s website tells us: ‘SaraLee is the queen of rhythm ‘n’ blues and rockabilly lovers’ hearts! Her soulful voice and flirty attitude has brightened many stages from Finland to Germany and she is yearning for more.’

They play rhythm ‘n’ blues spiced up with swing, jazz and rockabilly. They love to mix different types of roots music and make it sound unique.

Rhythm and blues/ Jazz is the style I like. She made me cursious. Who is SaraLee, and what makes her tick?

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Cruisin’ Florida: Thrift Stores Palm Coast

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What’s a rockabilly supposed to do in Florida? Come on be creative. Don’t expect a Betty Page store or Pin up girl clothing at the mall, but find the thrift stores to get your fifties stuff for cheap.


Paul’s Treasures

I must admid I didn’t expect to find anything fifties, while standing in front of Paul’s treasures collectibles store in Palm Coast, but I spent an hour in his shop and found some cool vinyl:

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Ship Ahoy!

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Wim, the guitarist.

Wim, the guitarist.

Hello Folks, long time no review! I know, been busy with a lot of schoolwork and stuff, but now its musictime!

Two weekends ago I went to the CD presentation of the band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains. You might know Dee as the admin and creator of this page 😉 This Rockabilly quartet, that proudly recieved the Tielman award from mr. Tielman himself, consist of the core of the rotterdam rock and roll scene. The met many years ago in the place to be for rockers in Rotterdam at the time, Jailhouse Place. My mom told me that Jailhouse was the same size as the bar we were in right now. This was in a small, dutch cafe, completlty in style of the title of the album, and when we entered, we heard some fine dutch cafe-harbour music 😛 Some rockers there asked me if i wanted to dj, but it was to crowded and didn’t have my records on me. 😉

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Haloween Pinup of the week: Madeleine Mayhem

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Madeleine (3)

Pinup of the week: Sarah

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Picture by Feme Fatal, Colorado

Picture by Feme Fatal, Colorado

I am a spunky, nerdy girl born in the wrong decade.

I love to cook, make my own cosmetics and volunteer at the Berthoud Museum. I am a Medical Assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder and teach swim lessons on the weekend.

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Pinup of the week: Pixie Pie

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pinup-pixie-pieMy pin up name is Pixie Pie. I’m 29 years old, from the small town of Glencoe MN. I am currently studying management at Hennepin Technical College and enjoy taking old style pin up photos with friends in my free time. I love old school photography, as well as classic planes, trains and automobiles!

Photographer is Stacy Warden

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Pinup of the week: Miss Rachelle

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pinup-rachelleHello! My name is Rachelle and I’m so not a professional model! Id like to show people that that really doesn’t matter, pinup is for everyone! Every day I go to work in a VERY male dominated industry, most of the time dressed like a 50s house wife! I backpack, hike, shoot, and fish, then go home to wash off the gun powder and grime and put on my eye liner and dresses to transform. Pinup is magic!

Cruisin’ Florida: The porch, Key West

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the-porch-24The porch, key West.
Key West old town. With the classic houses in all kinds of pastel colors.
It’s very touristic, but if you try hard you can find very nice bamboo tiki bowling shirts in the little shops on Duval street.

After a long hot shopping spree we found a place called the Porch. Although it’s not really rockabilly linked, it’s worth mentioning, because it seems an alternative-ish beer and wine bar, compared to the other mainstream bars in Key West.

You can overlook it easily, this grey mansion, used to be the home of an important guy back in the days, called Joseph Yates Porter. “Most people say that the house is haunted, but have no fear, Dr. Porter is a friendly ghost!” (so their website sais).
Through the garden, up the stairs you can sit pretty quiet on the front porch or go inside. It’s a beer wine bar. They serve all kinds of local and international beers, wines and ciders.

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Pinup of the week: Lynette Williamson

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My name is Lynette Williamson and I have been a professional Fitness Trainer for 12 years, and I will be 38 next month.  I have always, always, loved the 1940 era and have had my look/style for my entire life, everyday I get up I doll myself up, (you can ask my whole community!), it just so happens that Marilyn Monroe and I look similar.  I’ve had everyone encourage me to model.
Photographer: Amberlee Harder

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Cruisin’ Florida: sprinkles cupcakes Tampa

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sprinkles-8Cupcakes aren’t so hot as a few years ago, but Sprinkles cupcakes are stil my all time favorite. I’m such a great fan, that I once interviewed the mother of Sprinkles Candace Nelson for Rockabilly-online: http://www.rockabilly-online.com/?p=3421#more-3421

It’s a sad thing that I live in Europe and we have to travel all the way to the US to get us one or two, but it’s worth it. As soon as we set foot in Florida we went looking for a store and luckily one just opened in Tampa. It had just opened and it’s supposed to have a cupcake ATM, but when we got there, it wasn’t working yet. Not a problem at all, I got myself two fresh boxes inside. Even a glutenfree one for my friend.

Why are they unlike any others you can get in the supermarket or else where? The taste and fluffiness of the cake. The cream is as light as whipped cream and the flavors are subtile sweet. So you won’t feel like you ate a ball of butter, sugar and eggs, but really light and designed with love.  What you see is what you eat. I love it!

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Pinup of the week: Diviana Devour

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diviana devour

I am Diviana Devour originally from Bucharest Romania grew up NY
now in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I am a long time
internationally published pinup model and burlesque/ belly dance
performer. I also make hand made Rock collectibles design pinup/ Rock
wear for my own line stores. I breath pinup, I frequent car shows and
participate in pageants.


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Cruisin’ Florida: Moonlite Diner

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If you wanna have that fifties diner experience go to Moonlite Diner. You can find them in Fort Lauderdmoonlite (3)ale, Miami and Hollywood (FL). The building has the shape of an old train wagon, or an airstream trailer. It’s silver metal walls on the outside are really awesome.

The interior has the typical fifties basics: black and white checkered floor, fifties diner booths, bar stools. I love the ceiling, covered with detailed silver metal plates.
The oreo milkshake tasted delishous and comes in a tall glass and more served in an extra metal cup.
The pecan carrotcake however served with a smile however were tooth aching sweet. It’s nice, but I could not moonlite (4)finish it, it was too heavy for me. Maybe sharing one is an option. But… it’s a great looking fifties diner.

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Pinup of the week: Madeleine Mayhem

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Madeleine (1)


Ladies and Gentleman, Dames and Ghouls…………….Please hold onto your seats and do try and remember to keep all of your limbs inside our hellbound train….Take note of the sight before your eyes: This spooky lady with flaming locks of hair lives her life in a whirlwind land of sewing machines, horror movies, ink addiction, rock n roll and obscene amounts of MAYHEM!! Bottle fed music of all kinds by her beautiful mother, teethed on her fathers arsenal of artistic weaponry and taught to walk by her darling grandmother in jungles of fabric, buttons and bows, there is no shock this girls grown up to do what she does……. She is inspired by the glamour of screen sirens and scream queens, creatures who lurk in the shadows and monsters that go bump in the night…… Spending most of her time sewing for her clothing label DEAD END DAMES, strutting her stuff pin up styles, getting tattooed by various wonderfully talented people or lazing in her coffin watching B grade movies, she truly is living out her dreams and wouldn’t change anything in the world!
Madeleine Mayhem
International PinUp Model
Dead End Dames CEO

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Cruisin’ Florida: Kreepy Tiki Lounge

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kreepy tiki

Florida may not really be a rockabilly state, but if you ever happen to be there, there are a few places you might wanna visit.

When you drive around in South Florida you see bars calling themselves “tiki bar” all the time whenever they have a thatch roof or parasol. But most of the time, that’s not what WE call tiki. We heard about a real one in Fort Lauderdale The Kreepy Tiki Lounge.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Rusty

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rusty karr


I’m Rusty Karr from ohio! I am a stay at home mama with my own studio and 5 acre farm. I raise little people and chickens! On my spare time I am a hair stylist. I love vintage hair and old trucks. My favorite days are the ones I get with the hubby and kiddos playing in the mud.

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The Test Pilots

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the test pilotsI had some great guests over at my house, one was Tony, guitarist of the Swedish psycho/ neo rockabilly band The Test Pilots.

He visited my hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands. A nice intelligent guy. Really interested in towns architecture, culture and history. And also a beer lover. We sat down at the Fenix Loods to have a beer tasting experiece. Small glasses of nine different beers.

Tony told me about his band with Matt on bass/ vocals and Pat on drums. He plays with Matt for ten years now, but with the Test Pilots for three years.

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pinup of the week: Asah Spades

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asah spades
Pinup Name: Asah Spades

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