Candace Hilligoss, cultmovie actress in Carnival of Souls

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photo by Dinneen Photography

Candace Hilligoss is an author who used to be an actress. She has a huge cult following internationally with her film, Carnival of Souls. In this cult horror, black and white classic, Candace Hilligoss never leaves the screen. Her beauty and presence help make Carnival of Souls a favorite to many people including celebrities like Danny Devito, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Michael Jackson and Lana Del Rey.
Ms. Hilligoss, before her theatre and movie career she was also a Copa Girl at the world famous Copacabana club in New York City. Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and others all were on stage when she danced behind them performing.

photo by Dinneen Photography

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Johnny D & The Moonlighters interview

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Where are you from?
The whole band is based in western Massachusetts in the US.

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Dinneen Photography: “Make every shot count”!

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Photo by: Dinneen Photography – Model: Miranda Youngren

I have always loved the Rockabilly culture and music.

I have always been a big fan of photographers from the age of film. The beauty of black and white film and how it drew your eye to the essence of the photo. The drama and love affair between black and white and the intrigue it built in the composition. I also admired the photographers from the film genre that they had to make every shot count! They had 24, maybe 36 exposures or shots in one roll. I have always gone into a digital shoot with the same philosophy as the photographers from the film genre “Make every shot count”! It just happens that I love shooting with my manual camera as well as my digital camera. There are conveniences of the digital world but I make a point of not relying on post work. The art of lighting is something that cannot be replicated organically by a post program or photoshop. I also really enjoy spending the time lighting that is why I usually tell subjects or models not to touch my work if they post, most are very respectful of my photography.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Laurie Murphy

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I am a 47 yr old mother of 3 (ages 22, 21 and 11)…
I am originally from Sylvania, Ohio but now reside in North Royalton, Ohio which is just outside of Cleveland
I am a Bartender at a great bar in Parma, Ohio called Bar Code
My interests include everything vintage, especially Pin-Up clothing and photo shoots
My passions also include tattoos, modeling, and of course shopping

Photographer Nikki Forte

Photographer Nikki Forte

Pinup of the week: Miss Starlet O’ Hara

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My name is Starlet O’ Hara. Born and raised in California. I grew up going to car shows and helping my family work on classic cars. I am now a proud owner of my own running project a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. I have always been influenced by pin ups and Hollywoodland silver screen stars. Published pin up modeI, I also perform classic burlesque in hopes of spreading a body positive message to the ladies in the audience showing all women are beautiful and should love the skin they’re in.

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Doo Wop: it all started with guys under a streetlight, in de ghetto’s of America

Doo Wop. Harmonic multiplevoiced sounds, which started in the ghetto’s of America in the early fifties, by African-americans. Soon it was picked up by white groups and caught mainstream popularity, being a mix of pop and R&B(the early days R&B, not Beyonce 😛 ). It caught my attention because of the ’73 movie “American Graffiti”, a movie by one of my favorite directors George Lucas. Groups like the Dells, the Vikings, the Moonglows, Danny and the Juniors and off course Dion and the Belmonds really got me into this music. During my time on computerschool I remember playing a unofficial radiostation called Every day the same songs, but it didn’t matter to me.

I had my first contact with this incredible band the Roomates, a Doo Wop band from England, when I started to become a Ted. On one of my dad’s cd’s, I found a song called You Could Have Told Me. It has been my favorite ever since, and im searching like hell for the single! I became crazy of this band, white Doo Wop with their own sound. So I contacted the guitarplayer of the band, Steve, and we started talking. I really wanted to hear the new album, so i could review it!

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Pinup of the week: Miss Dusti Reins

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I’m Miss Dusti Reins. I’m 33 years old a mother of 7 wonderful children. I’m from Alberta Canada. I’m new to pin up and trying to get my feet wet. I’ve been very passionate about pin up for a couple years now. I love the way it makes me feel. It feels very natural to me, makes me feel sexy.

Ivan Johnny, send us this great interview with the owner of Martin’s Garage record label from Slovenia

  1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m a music lover in the first place and also a record collector. I got fanaticly into music when I was 9 years old, started with Elvis, but I was also exploring a lot of different genres. The wish of being a record label or manager, DJ was always growing inside me. I was spending all my money on records, tapes and CDs … in the nineties I used my knowledge of music when I started to work for an authors society and a few years later for a publisher and a  record label. In 2004 I started to DJ, so music was always and still is my main focus. Read the rest of this entry »

The Paladins live at Lantaarn Venster Rotterdam

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Last year the Paladins visited Lantaarn Venster Rotterdam, but the gig was cancelled due to a leaking swimmingpool just above the venue. “Water was dripping on the electrical system” Dave recalls. The trio has been working on a new album. It has been a while since the previous album was out. During rehearsals some time ago, Dave was getting a powerdrink for Thomas. Thomas played a great sounding surf riff on the guitar. So the instrumental “Powershake” was born. While talking about all kinds of topics, new songs kept on rolling about those topics too. So that’s why this album is a bit different than the ones before. The song: “Who sold the water to the waterman”, is about the dry spell they had couple of years ago in the San Diego area. Farms could not grow their crops without water, and a farmer who had a pipeline of water running underneath his house, could not use it because it belonged to another man who claimed to be the owner of that water.

Dave took out a custom built Fender guitar. Thomas found the guitar neck in a pawn shop in Dallas Texas, which was a bit longer than a regular guitar neck. He bought it for Dave and when he showed it to the Fender company, they were surprised. It came from a prototype 1967 guitar. They asked if they could use it to build a new guitar. He agreed. Instead they build a bass guitar. When they asked him to come over to receive this first new model, Dave declined. He wanted a guitar. So they handed it over to Pete Townsend.

Dave and Thomas were full of fun stories during the show and ofcourse as always the audience was blown away by their great perfomance and the typical Paladins guitar sound of Dave Gonzalez. Songs of their new album “New World” sounded more mature but still Paladins. The crowd sang like a big choir on Keep on loving me “Whoooa yeah!”

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Hoorn Rock and Roll Sunday: the final Big Bang!

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I was a teenager in 1986 when I first visited Hoorn Rock and Roll Sunday (NL) by train to get blown away by the whole city breathing rock and roll music. A big fifties market, carshows, live music coming out of almost every bar. My best friend and me were walking in rock and roll paradise. After a few years the festival ended.

But in 2007 I was so happy to hear that a new organisation (Anneke Knip, Maartje Brandt, Michel Koppies, Miriam Bosman and many more) picked up the pieces and this amazing festival was back on its feet! Read the interview with Anneke:

The town square is the center of the whole festival, but bars all over town are filled with live rock and roll bands. Every year they got more bands. Since Desperados became the main sponsor, more than 20 Dutch and international bands are present. This year Mike Sanchez (UK), Louis King (AU), The Lustre Kings (USA) and Marcel Riesco (USA) are brought from overseas to shake up the city. A photobooth in an old VW is ready to take your picture, you can watch the dance demonstration from Jump Up Boogie Woogie, men get their quiffs greased up by Sleezy Tiki Barbershop and DeeJay Thomas will take care of the after party. 

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Jesus Evil Highway: The Ghostwood Recordings

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In the past few months I heard a lot of people mention the bluegrass band Jesus Evil Highway. The name is all across social media too, so I had to see what the fuss is all about. I visited their vinyl album release party at Posse Bar Rotterdam on May 4th and got the chance to ask them a few questions.

Where did you guys meet?

Most of us knew each other for years, being family (brothers), high school friends or from playing together in other bands, before we ended up playing with Jesus Evil Highway. The last one to join us was ‘Uncle Paulie’ as we like to call him, but that’s already a couple of years back, and it feels like we know him for years.

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Pinup of the week: Babs Bonneville

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Babs Bonneville a pin-up from Yorkshire. I’m 39 years old and when the day job is done I live for jiving, rock n’ roll, and achieving the pin-up look from charity shops/thrift shops. I have recently done my first pin-up shoot and loved it. Babs Bonneville has now officially been born, and being your ‘Pin-up of the Week’ really would be the icing on the cake! The photo attached is one I took myself, hope you like it!

Pinup of the week: Lily Love

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Miss Lily love
picture by Bombshell Pinups

Lily Love has a passion for vintage fashion with a modern twist. This Philadelphia born-and-raised gal believes in supporting small businesses and loves featuring fabulous artists’ fashion items on her Instagram feed. By day she works for a non-profit helping low-income kids get to – and through – college and by night she’s a mama to an adorable two-year-old toddler.

photographer is Mandy Little, owner and creator of Bombshell Pinups (

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Pinup of the week: miss Yvonne

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I was happy to get an email from Miss Yvonne. She was our pinup of the week in 2014
Now she re-entered with a new classy picture.


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Pinup of the week: Miss Jolene

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Picture by Cherry bomb photography

Miss Jolene

My interests are being with my two kids . I enjoy health and fitness and frequent the gym 5 days a week . I like to travel preferably some where there is a beach and sun. At home in my spare time I like to do puzzles.

Instagram: @madcheese_squeeze

Teenage pinup of the week: Miss Sage

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Last week Miss Austin was our first teenage pinup of the week. Today we have her sister: Miss Sage.
Her proud mother Stephenie submitted both of her teenage daughters. Sage Madison is 11 years old.
Both girls have been taking pictures with car’s their whole life. Rebuilding vehicles and hot-rods are their father’s, Aaron, passion.



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Teenage Pinup of the week: miss Austin

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Today we have our first teenage pinup of the week: Miss Austin.
Her proud mother Stephenie submitted both of her teenage daughters. Austin Marie is 13 years old and has a sister Sage Madison.
Both girls have been taking pictures with car’s their whole life. Rebuilding vehicles and hot-rods are their father’s, Aaron, passion.


Austin 6 months old


Pinup of the week: Bettie D’Vine

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Hiya I’m Bettie, I’m a multi Internationally published model from a seaside town in the North East of England. I specialise in Pin up, Alternative and Lingerie. I love how dressing in 1950’s fashion makes me feel confident and sexy and the clothing accentuates my curves perfectly.

I have always been a lover of anything alternative but I got the retro vibe when I did my first ever burlesque shoot. Since then I have been in two independent movies, a music video, I became a Semi Finalist in the Miss Pin Up UK 2016 were I performed at London Tattoo Convention. I am currently signed to Diamonds and Feathers, a modelling agency that specialises in Pin Up and burlesque.

I am now selling my own merchandise after I have had a brand designed by Vince Ray of the Boneshakers.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Ruby Red

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A down to earth gal with a love for all things vintage. Along with living a vintage lifestyle Miss Ruby also loves dancing the bop, jive,& stroll to a killer rock n roll band .
For fun she enjoys playing upright bass,going to car shows,& an avocation for endometriosis awareness. But also don’t be mistaken for this gal being a pushover she also is very well known from being at her favorite shows, yes that’s right folks this lil kitten loves to wreck to psychobilly as well.

Facebook: Facebook Miss Ruby Red
Instagram: @MissRubyRed_PinUp

Photographer: Rick Tores Photography MUAH: Miss Ruby Red Model: Miss Ruby Red

Photographer: Rick Tores Photography
MUAH: Miss Ruby Red
Model: Miss Ruby Red

SaraLee’s debut album Queen of Your Heart

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saralee-band-pic-qummaartSaraLee’s website tells us: ‘SaraLee is the queen of rhythm ‘n’ blues and rockabilly lovers’ hearts! Her soulful voice and flirty attitude has brightened many stages from Finland to Germany and she is yearning for more.’

They play rhythm ‘n’ blues spiced up with swing, jazz and rockabilly. They love to mix different types of roots music and make it sound unique.

Rhythm and blues/ Jazz is the style I like. She made me cursious. Who is SaraLee, and what makes her tick?

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